Reasons to Accept the Bible – 2,000 Years Old

1QIsa_bThe Roman soldiers were advancing on Israel and threatened to destroy all the precious manuscripts of the Qumran Community on the shores of the Dead Sea. So the scribes stored the scrolls in stone jars, and hid them in caves. These scrolls were only found in 1947, and have been reliably dated to just before the time of Jesus – that’s well over 2000 years ago. They are known as “The Dead Sea Scrolls”. The remarkable thing is that there are parts of almost every book in the Old Testament, and nearly the whole of the book of Isaiah.

What’s this mean to us?

Quite simply, that all the prophecies made in the Old Testament have not been greatly altered in translation over the years.

So …

  • the prophecies about Jesus’ birth were definitely written well before he was born
  • Jesus was to die and rise again
  • the Israeli nation were to go out of their land, but would return to it

That’s one reason why we believe the Bible.  Look around this site to find even more.