Are you getting exasperated with our world leaders?

Events like Donald Trump being elected president in the USA and the aftermath of the BREXIT vote in the UK are causing confusion, disillusionment and anger. Even well-intentioned leaders seem incapable of implementing election promises. They are dogged by arguments, public protests and deliberate opposition from groups like senate or parliament. This frustrates their plans, delays actions and often causes compromise.

Our leaders do not have ultimate power. While in some ways this may be a good thing, it does not inspire us with confidence.
Leaders are also hampered by lack of knowledge. When making promises before taking office they don’t know all the facts and can’t make reliable predictions. They have “feet of clay”.
But Jesus said

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”

Matthew 28:18

The Bible teaches that one day soon God will send Jesus back to earth to set up his kingdom.  People ask:

“what will he do?”
“how will he do that?”

It is important to realise that Jesus will be like no other world leader. First of all, he is totally free from any corruption or self-interest. But also, uniquely, he is God’s Son and representative. Before his death, he knew what people were thinking. Now he is immortal like God, knowing everything. When he rules, he will have unlimited power. So no-one will be able to cause him to delay, compromise or cancel his policies. He will rule with total authority and power. Moreover, no-one will have any cause to complain that anything he does is unjust or unfair. Jesus Christ is the leader we need. Are you ready for him?

Check out the following passages which show the ABSOLUTE knowledge and power of God which He will give to His only begotten son and future world leader – JESUS CHRIST!

Psalm 139; Psalm 147; Isaiah 46 v 9-10; Jeremiah 32 verses 17-18; Ephesians 1 v 20-22

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