Giving Account

The thought of standing in front of Jesus and giving an account for what we have done in our lives can seem like a daunting proposition. The questions begin to run through our minds as we think about what we might say to him. How will we ever justify our actions and our thoughts?

In a thought-provoking poem entitled ‘The Judgement Seat’, the writer is placed in the position of someone who hasn’t been granted a place in God’s kingdom. The reasons why include; neglecting the things of God, saying there is no time to do His will, forgetting to pray and read the Bible or not visiting those in need. Instead the individual finds time to clean and exercise, and to talk about things which do not matter. The poem finishes with the writer waking up and realising it was all a dream, relieved to find there was still unspent time before Christ’s return. The poem ends with an interesting question that we should all ask ourselves, “What shall I say when He shall ask, “how have you spent your time?”.

Our answer to this question will never be satisfactory, for we will always fall short of the standard set by Christ. Thankfully, through the grace of God, we can come to realise the enormity of what Jesus has done for each of us. The poem gets us thinking about how we can do a little more every day to give glory of God, whether that is coming to a knowledge and understanding of God and His plan, or for those who already have faith, to grow closer to Him.

As that day approaches it is comforting to know that because of what Christ has done for us we are not required to give a perfect answer. Matthew 20:28 says ‘Jesus gave his life as a ransom for many’. If we have a true faith in Jesus, we will stand before him in perfection. What amazing grace to motivate us to do all that we can to live our lives in ways which are pleasing and acceptable to Him.

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