Miracles can, do and will happen!

Fifty years ago, a journalist from the ‘Jewish Observer’ wrote:

“Seven days ago we wrote that the Jewish people cannot rely on miracles. But  that has happened since then cannot be comprehended in any other terms”. This was referring to the now famous six day war in Israel.

Back then in 1967 Jewish people were remembering a different 50th anniversary, that of the Balfour declaration, which paved the way for the establishment of the state of lsrael in May 1948.

Many heroes from the 1948 era were still active in 1967 when against “massive odds” ‘little lsrael’ defeated the combined forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the P.L.O. taking back control of its ancient capital Jerusalem.

Israeli commanders launched a ‘blitzkrieg’ strategy to bring about an all-embracing victory… and yet the world in general seemed oblivious to the magnitude of what had taken place.

We believe that, although unknown to the Israelis, the angels of Almighty God had guided them to achieve such a victory.

We also believe that an even greater victory will be brought about very soon by the power of the coming king Jesus Christ who will totally eradicate ALL forces of evil while establishing an age of absolute justice, peace and equity here on earth.

Yes — we do believe in miracles. One happened in 1967 and a greater one is yet to come — “Watch out”.

Our Bible contains details of these things.

The Psalms and prophets show how the enemies of Israel are the enemies of God and how He has, does, and will preserve His people. (See in particular Psalm 2).

The ‘final conflict’ is extensively outlined in Zechariah chapters 10 and 12, Ezekiel chapter 38, Joel chapter 3 together with much in the book of Revelation.

The future rule of Jesus Christ is covered extensively in the Old Testament (see Isaiah chapters 2 and 11) and in the New Testament see Luke chapter 1 verses 30 to 33.

Many other passages of scripture could be cited in support of these life—saving issues.

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