What to expect at a meeting

When does it start and how long does it go on for?

Our Gospel talk starts at 1:45 pm and lasts for approximately an hour.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. You will probably need a Bible and hymnbook, but you can borrow them from us. We have a variety of translations you could borrow including the traditional KJV or if you prefer a more contemporary translation the NIV. If you have your own Bible then please feel free to bring that with you.

Is there a Vicar, Priest or Pastor who leads the service?

No. We don’t have any paid clergy so the meeting will be led by one of our members (referred to as a president) and a talk will usually be given by a visiting speaker.

What happens?

There will usually be a couple of prayers, two hymns, a Bible reading and the talk. The president will make it clear when you are expected to sing or pray etc.

Will I be expected to do anything?

No. You, nor any of the congregation, will not be expected do anything other than listen and sing (if you want to!).

Will I know any of the hymns?

We have our own hymn book, but many of the hymns or tunes are widely used in other churches. There may be a few which will be new to you as they have been written by Christadelphians.

Is there a collection?

No, not at the gospel talk.

Is there a dress code?

No, just come in what you like. One question people sometimes ask is “why do all the ladies appear to be wearing hats?” This is because, like many other Christian denominations we believe that during services women members should cover their heads. But don’t worry; as a visitor we do not expect you to wear a hat