Getting to Know Us

Karen and Andrew

Hi, we are Karen and Andrew Fenner. We met at University in the late eighties and were married a few years later. I (Andrew) was raised in a Christadelphian household; Karen wasn’t but had attended a few different churches, but never found one that she totally believed in. When we met she began visiting the local Christadelphian meeting with me. At that point I wasn’t baptized, but together we began looking deeper into the Bible message and what it meant. We were both baptized in early 1991 within a week of each other. It was a big step, but such a worthwhile one.

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you belong to a family of believers, not just in Ormskirk, but across the whole world.    I hope you like our website, but more importantly I hope it encourages you to read God’s word the Bible for yourself, there is no better thing to do.

Chris and Annie

We are Chris and Annie Abson. I (Chris) was brought up in a Christadelphian family and Annie was staunch Church of England when we met.   Annie came to a knowledge of the Bible more thoroughly through attending with me at our worship, and talking and instruction from my father.  We were baptised together in 1975, five months before we were married. In all those years we have never doubted that the Bible is the word of God.

We have grown up children Daniel and Esther who are also baptised and, like us, have preached and  worked as Volunteers for Christadelphian charities in other countries.  Daniel in Russia, Esther in South Africa, Cambodia and Kenya and we have been out to Cambodia, South Africa and Kenya too.  We believe that God has a plan and purpose with this world and mankind in it.  We would encourage all to read the Bible for themselves and discover the wonderful promises God has made.


Hello, I’m Jim.  I became a Christadelphian when I was in my forties.  I was not raised in a Christadelphian family and in fact never really went to church at all. In the 1980’s I was married with a young family and was working in a local engineering firm.  Like many people at the time I was made redundant as the factory was closed down.  My boss was a Christadelphian and before we all left he invited the staff to a talk. I was the only one who went along but I was interested in what I heard and began going to more meetings on Sundays.  My wife Thelma came with me and over time we began to realise what a great hope the Bible message had and so we were both baptised.

Thelma died a few years ago, but I know that she will be raised and I look forward to the day when, God willing, we will both be together in his Kingdom here on earth.  When you have a faith you can look back on your life and see God’s hand in your life.  I often think if I had never been made redundant, I would never have found out God, Jesus or his plan for this world!