Autumn Fraternal 2023

Our Autumn Online Fraternal was held on Sat 18th November  2023 when the speaker was Bro. Shaun Maher (Stirling) who will spoke on the theme: Living and Learning with David:   

There were 2 talks:

1 In the wilderness

2 In the palace

Click on the above links to hear a recording of the talk.

Summer Fraternal 2022

Our Summer Fraternal ws held on Sat 4th June 2022 when the speaker was  Bro. Andrew Bramhill (Stratford-upon-Avon) spoke on the theme: If Christ came today

The 2 talks were: 

1 – Am I ready?

2 – Is my ecclesia ready?

Pleae click on the links above to hear recordings of the talks.

Autumn Online Fraternal 2021

Our Autumn Online Fraternal was held on Sat 20th November  2021 when the speaker was Bro. Nigel Patterson  (Newquay) who spoke in the theme: The Sign of the Waterpot.  

There were be 2 talks:


– President’s Welcome – Bro,. Andy Hale
– Hymn 123    “Tell out, my soul…”
– Opening Prayer
– Reading:  John 2:1-11
– Talk: At the wedding
– Hymn 198    “Behold My servant, see him rise…”


– Hymn 330   “I heard the voice of Jesus say…”
– Reading: John 4:1-15
– Talk: At the well
– Announcements
– Hymn 309    “Zion’s King shall reign victorious…”
– Closing Prayer

Summer Fraternal 2021

Our Summer Fraternal was held on Sat 5th June 2021

Our speaker was Bro. Andrew Johnson (Kings Norton)

His theme was: Looking unto Jesus.  

There were 2 Sessions:


– President’s Welcome
– Hymn 126 The Lord is good; in earth and sky
– Opening Prayer
– Reading:  Hebrews 12:1-17
– Talk: The race that is set before us
– Hymn 345 Fight the good fight


– Hymn 304 Shine, mighty God, on Zion shine
– Reading:  Hebrews 12:18-29
– Talk: Unto Mount Zion, the city of the Living God
– Announcements
– Hymn 303 See the Lamb upon Mount Zion
– Closing Prayer

Autumn Online Fraternal 2020

Our Autumn online fraternal was held on Saturday 21st November  2020.

Our speaker was Bro Dev Ramcharan  of Toronto West, Canada.

His  theme was: God the Redeemer – A study of the Book of Ruth

There were 2 Sessions:


– Presidents Welcome
– Hymn 157 ‘O God of Bethel by whose hand’
– Opening Prayer
– Reading: Ruth 1
– Talk: Leaving and returning – the house of bread and praise
– Hymn 426 ‘We plough the fields and scatter’


– Hymn 134 ‘Although the fig tree shall not blossom’
– Reading: Ruth 4
– Talk: And Jesse begat David
– Announcements
– Hymn 275 ‘Hail to the Lord’s anointed’
– Closing Prayer

Summer Fraternal 2020

Our Summer fraternal was held on Saturday 6th June 2020

Our speaker was  Bro Jeremy Brown of Mumbles.

His theme was: Noah – a preacher of righteousness

There were 2 Sessions:


– Presidents Welcome
– Hymn 91 – High over lashing waves our God is throned:
– Opening Prayer
– Reading: 1 Peter 3 v 18-22
– Talk: Eight souls were saved by water
– Hymn 390 – Who was saved when heav’n’s vast fountains


– Hymn 402 – Lord, Thy judgements now are waking,
– Reading: Hebrews 11:1-7
– Talk: Prepared an ark to the saving of his house
– Announcements
– Hymn 357-  Take courage, my brother,
– Closing Prayer