Sunday Talks 2015

We meet every Sunday in Ormskirk at our hall in Moorgate (between the Girl Guides hut and the car park). Our Bible address takes place at 2:00 pm every week. Everyone is more than welcome, and we’ve included a list of up and coming talks. Please feel free to pop along. If you don’t know where we are, then click on the “finding us” link. We look forward to seeing you soon. To hear previous talks, click on the title, or subscribe via iTunes  or Android users can subscribe via our RSS feed here.  To listen/watch to last years talks click here.

Date Speaker Ecclesia Title Video
04/01/2015 Chris Clarke Ormskirk Bible Quotes- “Behold the day of the Lord cometh…”
11/01/2015 Stephen Adams Liverpool (City) Bible Quotes- “God so loved the world…”
18/01/2015 Samuel Brown Preston Bible Quotes- “Teach us to pray…”
25/01/2015 Andrew Whittaker Heywood Bible Quotes- “A new heaven and a new earth…”
01/02/2015 Chris Abson Ormskirk Miracles of Jesus – Feeding the 5,000 No Video Available
08/02/2015 David Mitchelson Ormskirk Miracles of Jesus – Raising the Dead No Video Available
15/02/2015 Tibu Pinedo Ormskirk Miracles of Jesus – Turning Water into Wine
01/03/2015 Jack Whittingslow Southport Men and Women of Faith – Abel
08/03/2015 James Hardy Sale Will what you do now matter in 100 years?
15/03/2015 Jon Wood Wythall Little Children, Keep Yourselves From Idols No Video Available
22/03/2015 Alan Clarke Daventry Men and Women of Faith – Rahab
29/03/2015 Philip Heywood Stockport Men and Women of Faith – Cornelius
05/04/2015 David Stoneley Heywood Parables of Jesus – The Prodigal Son Sorry, no video is available for this talk
12/04/2015 Chris Abson Ormskirk Parables of Jesus – The Sower
19/04/2015 Andrew Hellawell Stockport Miracles of Jesus – Blind Bartimaeus
26/04/2015 David Taylor Stockport Parables of Jesus – The Kingdom of Heaven
03/05/2015 Alan Proctor Macclesfield Bible Prophesies – About Jesus
10/05/2015 David McEvoy Milnsbridge Bible Prophesies – About the Jews
17/05/2015 Tony Bradshaw Sale  Bible Quotes – “The Heavens declare the glory of the Lord…”
24/05/2015 Andy Bradshaw Sale Does it Matter What We Believe?
31/05/2015 Trevor Deedman Wardley Bible Places – Bethlehem
07/06/2015 Tim Morgan Ashton Bible Places – Jerusalem
14/06/2015 John Hellawell Peterborough Bible Places – Nazareth
21/06/2015 Timothy Goswell Cleckheaton Bible Places – Jericho
28/06/2015 Robert Nichols Shirley Bible Places – Samaria No Video Available
05/07/2015 Simeon Guntrip Sale Bible Prophesies – About the Gentiles No Video Available
12/07/2015 Michael Grosvenor Halifax Bible Quotes – “The Lord is my shepherd…”
19/07/2015 Marshall Vickers Southport Bible Quotes – “In the beginning…”
26/07/2015 Mark Tonge Heywood Bible Quotes – “Our Father who art in Heaven…”
02/08/2015 Richard Eglen Halifax

The Jews – Gods chosen people

09/08/2015 David Coleman Darlington Miracles of Jesus – Healing the Sick No Video Available
16/08/2015 Daz Sheppard Shrewsbury Miracles of Jesus – Calming the Storm No Video Available
23/08/2015 Richard Singleton Heywood Genesis – A book Jesus Believed
30/08/2015 David Ryder Southport Miracles of Jesus – Withers the Fig Tree
06/09/2015  Chris Abson  Ormskirk Jesus Said: “I am the way, the truth and the life”
13/09/2015 Steven Harris Knowle & Dorridge Jesus Said: “Come to me all ye that labour” No Video Available
20/09/2015 Ken Anderton Mumbles Jesus Said: “Follow me” No Video Available
27/09/2015 Martyn Lawrence Doncaster Jesus Said: “I am the good shepherd”
04/10/2015 Tom Hallsworth Preston Parables of Jesus – Loss and Redemption
11/10/2015 David Bradshaw Sale Parables of Jesus – Love and Forgiveness
18/10/2015 Keith Mitchelson Ormskirk Parables of Jesus – Prayer No Video Available
25/10/2015 David Gore Rochdale Parables of Jesus – The Good Samaritan
01/11/2015 Mark Guntrip Barrow Life and Death – Living in Christ c
08/11/2015 Phil Hill Sale Life and Death – After Death, What?
15/11/2015 Ian Jameson Ormskirk Life and Death – Bread of Life
22/11/2015 Alan Wale Crewe Life and Death – Do we go to Heaven?
29/11/2015 Alan Bishop Rochdale Life and Death – Is there a Hell? No Video Available
06/12/2015 Jon Hale Crewe Bible Characters – Daniel No Video Available
13/12/2015 David Rees Ormskirk Bible Characters – 3 Wise Men
20/12/2015 Ed Banford Sale Do We Need to be Saved?
27/12/2015 Andrew Fenner Ormskirk Bible Characters – Gideon