Sunday Talks 2016

We meet every Sunday in Ormskirk at our hall in Moorgate (between the Girl Guides hut and the car park). Our Bible address takes place at 2:00 pm every week. Everyone is more than welcome, and we’ve included a list of up and coming talks. Please feel free to pop along. If you don’t know where we are, then click on the “finding us” link. We look forward to seeing you soon. To hear previous talks, click on the title, or subscribe via iTunes  or Android users can subscribe via our RSS feed here.  To listen/watch to last years talks click here.

Date Speaker Ecclesia Title Video
03/01/2016 Chris Abson Ormskirk Bible Quotes – “In the beginning was the word…”
10/01/2016 Darren Guy Halifax (BP) Bible Quotes – “Do you love me?”
17/01/2016 Andy Bradshaw Sale Bible Quotes – “Trust in the LORD with all your heart…”
24/01/2016 Andrew Brown Halifax (SH) Bible Quotes – “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”
31/01/2016 Jack Whittingslow Southport Bible Quotes – “Faith is being sure of what we hope for …”
07/02/2016 Alan Cherry Stockport Men and Women of Faith – Noah
14/02/2016 Tony Bradshaw Sale The Message of Jesus Christ
21/02/2016 Rob Capper Blackpool Men and Women of Faith – Abraham
06/03/2016 Peter Bullivant Stockport God – Unity or Trinity?
13/03/2016 Alan Wale Ormskirk Bible Nations – Syria
20/03/2016 Les Bailey Crewe The Importance and Challenge of Truth
27/03/2016 Ian Jameson Ormskirk Bible Nations – The Philistines
03/04/2016 Tibu Pinedo Ormskirk The Lord’s Prayer
10/04/2016 Andrew Fenner Ormskirk Prayer – What Should We Pray For?
17/04/2016 Ed Banford Sale

The Bible: Our Guide to Right and Wrong

01/05/2016 Paul Clarke Daventry Bible Quotes – “For the wages of sin is death…”
08/05/2016 Richard Eglen Halifax A Bright Hope for Tomorrow
15/05/2016 Terry Blackburn Sale Bible Quotes – “We all, like sheep, have gone astray…”
22/05/2016 Ralph Sage Stockport Bible Quotes – “Do you love me?”
29/05/2016 Tim Morgan Ashton I Believe God Cares For Me
05/06/2016 Philip Heywood Stockport Prophecies in Isaiah
12/06/2016 David Coleman Darlington Prophecies in Ezekiel Video will appear here if available
19/06/2016 Paul Rose Milnsbridge Prophecies in Micah
26/06/2016 Trevor Deedman Wardley Prophecies in Daniel
03/07/2016 Daz Sheppard Shrewsbury Jesus Said: “Seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness, ….”
10/07/2016 James Hardy Sale Seeing the Invisible God
17/07/2016 John Banyard Stockport Jesus Said: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace…”
24/07/2016 John Thorpe Liverpool Jesus Said: “Whoever would save his life will lose it…”
31/07/2016 Stephen Adams Liverpool Jesus Said: “God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world;….” <
07/08/2016 Andrew Fenner Ormskirk The Disciples – Peter
14/08/2016 Philip White Stafford The Disciples – John Video will appear here if available
21/08/2016 Dave Hart Halifax The Disciples – Matthew Video will appear here if available
28/08/2016 Phil Hallsworth Morecambe The Disciples – Judas
04/09/2016 Mark Guntrip Barrow Why do people go to church?
11/09/2016 Tim Morgan Ashton Why do people believe the Bible?
18/09/2016 Ken Anderton Mumbles Why do people pray?
25/09/2016 Andrew Ottewell Blackpool  Why do people get baptised?
02/10/2016 David Simpson Worcester Parables of Jesus – Parables from Nature
09/10/2016 Stephen Stoneley Heywood Parables of Jesus – Parables about Work and Wages Video will appear here if available
16/10/2016 David Mitchelson Ormskirk Parables of Jesus – Parable about Open and Closed Doors
23/10/2016 Alan Bishop Rochdale Parables of Jesus – Parable about Weddings and Feasts Video will appear here if available
30/10/2016 David Rees Ormskirk Parables of Jesus – Parable about Lost and Found
06/11/2016 David Bradshaw Sale Famous Sayings – “Pride goes before a fall”
13/11/2016 Adam Aitkenhead Ashton Famous Sayings – “No peace for the wicked”
20/11/2016 Tom Griffiths Sale Famous Sayings – “A man after his own heart” Video will appear here if available
27/11/2016 Roger Eglen Halifax The Miracle of the Bible
04/12/2016 Martin Evans Sale Jesus Said: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel…”
11/12/2016 Mark Crossley Doncaster What does God want us to do?
18/12/2016 Richard Singleton Heywood Jesus Destroyed the Devil