CALS Website – Including the resource Centre.

Preaching Ideas – a forum for discussing new preaching ideas.

P2P UK – Here you can download the P2P sessions, notes and Powepoint Presentations.

CBM – The CBM (UK) exists to preach the gospel in Africa and Europe, with Asia and the Pacific looked after by ACBM, and the Americas by CBMA.


Daily Readings – notes from brothers and sisters on the daily readings.

Sunday School Union – offering lessons and help to Sunday School teachers.



The Christadelphian Office – Home of the magazine and also where you can order books.

The Glad Tidings – a monthly magazine designed to be given to interested friends.

The Testimony – for the study and defence of the scripture.

Logos Magazine – from Australia.


Bible Schools

Swanwick Bible Weekends – Family Weekend in May and the young peoples in October.

Christadelphian Family Bible School – held June every year at Swanwick.

Christadelphian Bible School – held the first week in August in Shropshire.

Brecon Bible School – held the second week in August in the Brecon Beacons.


Welfare & Support

Christadelphian Support Group – bringing together those in need and seeking help.

Meal-a-day – helping those less fortunate all over the world.

Isloation League – offering sipirual support to those who are not in an ecclesia.

Christadelphian Care Homes – details of the activities of the CCH.


Young People

Scottish Intercity – for young people in Scotland.

CYC Resources – resources those running youth groups.